Wayne Coulson

Wayne Coulson is a Berklee, and a Royal Conservatory trained Guitarist and Studio Production Specialist.  His professional career has spanned over 25 years as a Guitar Teacher, Session Player, and composer.  His main styles include Rock, Funk, Metal, and Blues, but includes a wide variety of stylistic influences in his work, ranging from Classical and Flamenco to Bluegrass and Country.

Wayne began his formal training in guitar at the age of 13 and took on his first students at 19.  “I became interested in guitar when I was 12 years old and started formal lessons shortly after that.  I was very lucky to get the best teacher around at the time.  The lessons were fun but serious.  My teacher was of the Segovia lineage; a highly trained Royal Conservatory teacher.  But also an amazing blues, rock and jazz player as well.  He was a really, really great early influence, and that’s something I strive for.  I want to be that for my students today.”

As of 2017, Wayne has two instrumental guitar albums in the works; ‘Crepuscular Animals’, scheduled for release in late December 2017, and ‘The Things Above, In the Darkness’ scheduled for release in April of 2018.  

“I actually began composition of ‘The Things Above, In the Darkness’ first, but it seemed like there should be a prequel to that album.  ‘Crepuscular Animals’ happened really quickly.  I wrote it while still trying to understand the direction ‘The Things Above’ was headed.”

In early 2017 Wayne began work on an online lesson format and series of video tutorials scheduled for launch in December of 2017.  

This year has inspired a renewed focus on his work in music education.  In 2018 A new Rockademic guitar school location is scheduled for opening.  Wayne is also working on the release of a Guitar Tools, and Ear Training app on Android mobile devices, with the iOS version becoming available in early 2018.